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As alumni of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic era of Olympic and pro class stage racing, you know what it meant to you and the millions who came to take in the annual event. This has been called the ground zero of American cycling — six degrees to almost everything that exists in bike racing today, from racers to sponsors to teams. It was America’s National Tour started by a young tea company aspiring to promote health, riding to work and drawing a great sport to the United States from a century of strong European tradition. It hit every mark, attracting network TV coverage, a Warner Bros movie, racers who won 13 Tours de France, covered three weeks from Hawaii to California, Nevada and Colorado. It was the fourth biggest men’s and THE biggest women’s stage race in the world and it sold a stunning $1.5 million annually in race merchandise. Now in The United States Cycling Monument our names and messages will stand in North Boulder Park, where the RZ/CC ended almost every year — a testament to this extraordinary time.

Preserve the Zinger/Coors Classics role in US Cycling’s history!

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