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You ride for fitness, or weekend competitions. You ride to get here to there, or you just ride for fun. A driving force behind this love of cycling has been world class competitive cycling in the United States. In Boulder, the Red Zinger and Coors Classics inspired generations of cyclists to enjoy the thrill of the race, and helped to make the world a better place through cycling.

Now you can be a part of cycling’s great tradition through a donation to construct the United States Cycling Monument in Boulder, CO. Located in North Boulder Park, the home to the Red Zinger and Coors Classics, the Monument will symbolize how the United States has embraced cycling as a world class sport and as a lifestyle. It will honor past generations of cyclists like Connie Carpenter, Davis Phinney and Dale Stetina, and today’s generation including Taylor Phinney and Peter Stetina. Most importantly, the Monument will honor you, — today’s cycling enthusiast — as a tribute to cycling in the United States.

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