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The Red Zinger and Coors International Bicycle Classic was the most media covered cycling event in the USA ever. It was staffed every day for two weeks by the two world wire services, 11 newspapers, a coterie of foreign correspondents, live radio in three major markets, a five-minute TV update that delayed the Tonight Show at 10:30, a Warner Bros. film, network TV live over two weekends, and photo feeds to 300 newspapers daily.

Every race day, cycling industry sponsors had a leveragable platform for exposure. Boulder-based businesses reaped the benefits of the influx of race followers and media coverage from around the world. The race was a boon to many.

Many businesses were inspired, and others gravitated to Boulder, Colorado to be in this cycling Mecca. Some of the biggest bike companies in cycling had their first substantial sales through this race.

Here now is a monument to be inscribed with the names of people and businesses who benefited, who can look back to the origins and be associated forever with this great event. With your donation, the United States Cycling Monument will stand in North Boulder Park, where the famed race ended nearly every year — a grand artistic testament to something many recognize as a defining moment. Businesses have various levels of on-site exposure within the Monument, from inscribed stone benches and walls to individual stone cobbles. Celebrate Your Love of Cycling

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