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It was Boulder Colorado where American bike racing germinated, where Davis Phinney watched his first race at 15 and then won it 7 years later, where three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond emerged as a world-class talent.  The Red Zinger/Coors Classics put US international cycling on the map, and today Colorado is the home of elite cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers.  It’s time to commemorate Colorado’s role in cycling with the US Cycling Monument.
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Join Us as We Build a Monument to Colorado’s Role in Cycling History.

The U. S. Cycling Monument is a landmark that will be erected in North Boulder Park in Boulder, Colorado. The sculpture will commemorate the legendary Red Zinger/Coors Classic Race that lit up the City of Boulder from 1975-1988, and honor all the elite cyclists who have made Colorado their home for training and competition.

The monument honors Boulder’s contributions to the international cycling community, and recognizes the strong influence of the sport on Boulder’s cultural identity.  More about the location…

Who should support the Monument?

Red Zinger/Coors Classic Entourage

You raced, staffed, officiated, hosted, sponsored this series, ground zero for American cycling!


You were one of millions witnessing the race in Vail, Denver, Boulder, or on network TV – you just love to ride!


Many were touched by the race, others support public art and want to have a presence in this national tribute!


Designed by a gifted and respected sculptor, patrons support a grand tribute to cycling!

The Brushstroke
in the Sky

On the Form of the Monument

The skillful speed and freedom of a painter’s brush making a purposeful mark was the initial vision that arose as metaphor for the total experience of a bike race.

The spatial intent of the form was to create a visual bridge between the plain of the park, the mountain backdrop and sky. This vision was held and honed through a 4-year design process, involving adherence to stringent code and engineering requirements for the structure.  Read more…

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  • The Red Zinger/Coors Classic was Americas Tour De France. No race in Europe had the feel of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic...the crowds, Colorado’s unbelievable summer weather...a team of volunteers that had energy that was second to none. I know that this race not only helped popularize bike racing in the USA but it also showcased some of our countries greatest talent.

    Greg Lemond three-time Tour de France Champion, twice overall winner of Coors Classic
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